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Working with Guy helped me articulate what I was looking for in my next job. He helped me recognize my blind spots that were preventing me from accomplishing my goal.
— Antoinette H. 
Guy’s life coaching skills have enabled me to obtain and preserve my passion about gratitude so that I can apply that appreciation to my personal and professional life goals.
— Xavier C. 
Guy has helped me to identify my professional goals and decipher the life skills I have attained and those I need to improve on in order to attain them.
— Scott W. 
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In my private coaching you receive the support, tools and assignments you need. We work together to set action plans, discuss completed assignments and answer all of your questions in order for you to achieve your goals in record time. Which of the following suits you best?

Four 45-minute calls per month

This 6-month option was created for the high achieving go-getter who is 100% committed to realizing their goals. The program includes a detailed action plan and a skills strength assessment. In this program we schedule four 45-minute calls per month, one each week. I work with you to discover what is holding you back and we dig deep to gain clarity on next steps. I give insightful feedback and provide the tools needed to move you forward at a very quick pace. This is my most popular program as it gives the most access and guidance from me. Also included: unlimited e-mails, phone contact and 24 hour turnaround on responses.

Three 45-minute calls per month

This is for those who work to take action while building consistency but don’t need as much support as the Fast-Track program offers. With this option we schedule three 30-minute calls per month, one per week to get you moving quickly and eliminate obstacles. This is a great program if you have clear goals and have already taken steps to move to the next level. The aim is to get you moving faster than you would on your own.

Two 45-minute calls per month

This program was created for independent self-starters who feel they can independently maintain their motivation without the need for comprehensive support. This program is not for beginners but for anyone who wants to maintain their momentum after spent six months in any of the other programs.

Individual – Pay Per Session As Needed
45-minute call

Does it work? Yes.

The result of our work together is to help you to consistently take action at an accelerated pace, much faster than you ever would on your own. In order to see results you will need to be totally committed to the process of taking action, utilizing your time to move forward and completing all assignments. This is not a magic formula and it takes 6 months or more for you to see effective change take place. My clients who have done the work have reaped the benefits of what they’ve put in and have found great value in the investment in themselves.

Please use the form to the top right of this page to schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation to find out how coaching can transform your life. (An $85 value!)