Be Encouraged

The dictionary defines encourage as “to inspire with courage, spirit or hope.”

Have you ever had a time when you felt that things weren’t quite going how you expected? Life is always good for throwing us a curveball or two. And it’s not always easy to just stop and begin smiling. Sometimes we have to really analyze what we’re feeling and why.

I’ve learned that when I try to push down a feeling or emotion it just comes back twice as strong. Acknowledgement is the first step to changing your frame of mind. Once you recognize what’s bothering you, you can then start to find a way to make changes.

One of the things that have been helpful for me is to change my thoughts. Instead of thinking about what’s going wrong change your focus to what’s going right. You can usually find a few things to change your disposition and boost your emotions.

Also, consider your own discouragement and take time to encourage someone else. Many times taking the focus off of you really helps to make a difference. Your problem may not seem so large when you compare it to somebody who needs your assistance.

Also, rely on your resources. It could be a clergyman, a counselor or a good friend with a knack for helping you see through the confusion.

Faith plays a big part in your ability to know that things will get better.
We can’t solve everything in a vacuum. Letting someone know you need assistance improves the social bonds and also makes others feel good.

Put yourself in situations and around people who you know will uplift your spirits. Feeling good is infectious. By reaching out and letting someone know you need help you open yourself up to endless possibilities.

Lao-tzu says, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

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    My first time here. Nice blog and super post. Well done.

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    Thank you.