Know Your Strength

Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through him who strengthens me.

This weekend has been a whirlwind of celebrations. My sister in law and one of my very good friends both turned 40. Spending time with close friends and family always reminds me of who I am. When people know you, there can be no pretense on your part.

They intrinsically know your worth and value. They see your power.

The people who’ve been in my life for years can tell right away if I’m living up to all I can be or if I’m settling for less. I believe
many times God uses the people in our lives to get us back in alignment. However, we have to be listening to receive the message. Our guard must be down.

We often forget the inner force that has gotten us to and through so much of the “stuff” in our lives. And when we forget, it allows us to make less effort to live the life we know we are capable of living.

Many times it can be minor things; like completing tasks that we know we need to complete to move our future ahead. It could be something as simple as not returning that phone call you know you need to follow up on. Or not completing that college or job application. Maybe it’s just deciding to watch television and to not prepare for tomorrow.

Whatever it is, it is stopping us from moving forward to a higher plane.

The universe wants to give us our desires. However, we often forget that unlimited source is always on our side. We just have to tap into it.  A few tiny steps lets God know that  we have faith in our ability to achieve what we want.

And as we move closer to God, he moves closer to us. Therein lies our power.

You and I are here to be great. Use your strength to create the best life you can. The life you deserve.

Your power is within.

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