Make Career Change a Priority

In today’s tough economic times many people become fearful of taking a chance at changing their career. However another line of thinking suggests that now is the opportunity to really do what you love.

If you are ready to make the change, there are four steps that I’ve found to be quite effective when it comes to jump starting your career change.

Clear the deck
It is so important to make career change your primary priority. That means for a minimum of six months your main focus should be on gaining access to your ideal career.

Make a list of the areas in your life where you are losing time. It could be the two hours spent watching television or surfing the internet on a Saturday afternoon. You’d be amazed how much time most of us lose in a given day.

I found it helpful to set a time for no television watching between 7-9pm. This gave me three hours every evening to ensure that I spent time working on the plans that I set for myself to achieve.

Do not take on any major projects.
It is so important that those around you understand that you currently do not have the time to work on the family reunion committee or you cannot help plan the church bazaar. This may sound selfish however it is a major key to your success.

Gently let others know that you currently do not have the time. Give yourself the permission to say no. You’ll find that this gives you the space needed to focus.

Prioritize your time
It is important that you make a list of daily, weekly and monthly priorities. Create a list of what needs to be accomplished and check it off as you complete the task.

This helps keep you on track. It also gives you a sense of accomplishment as you check off what you’ve completed.

Identify what may get in the way
Take time to clarify what may stop you from achieving your goal(s). There can be internal and external obstacles. Address your internal fears. Determine if they are valid or if it is something you can work through.

Sometimes our fear is just a belief that we can’t do something; but in actuality we can.

External obstacles can be anything outside of yourself that you can’t control. Family and friends reactions to your plans may not be what you expected. Decide how you will handle the naysayers in advance. This helps you to handle any objections and you won’t feel put on the spot.

Taking a chance at doing what you love is a big step. I believe that we are all here to live our purpose. Trust in yourself and don’t let anything stop you.

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