Personal Responsibility

Personal accountability is an attribute that shows how we honor ourselves by taking responsibility to achieve the goals we’ve set and the determination to realize our aspirations.

However, personal accountability is not always so simply accomplished. Many times other people’s agendas can get in the way of our own. We may feel obligated to our family, friends and colleagues.

By making their priorities more important, we do ourselves a disservice by not realizing the importance of our own needs. Sometimes even daily interruptions can stop us from being accountable to ourselves. Things like emails, phone calls or someone stopping by the office have a direct impact on our ability to accomplish our goals.

Your actions also have a direct impact on your ability to be personally responsible. When setting goals think about obstacles that may get in the way and how you intend to handle them.

For example, if you know you have a project that needs completion by end of the day, decide how you intend to handle any interruptions beforehand. When that person walks in your office to chat, you’ll be prepared to say you can’t handle any interruptions at the moment. Set a time to follow up if it is a business related issue.

This keeps you responsible to your true goals and prohibits any delay in achieving your individual goal of completing the project on time.

As you become more comfortable taking full responsibility for your actions, you’ll notice that you’re gaining more control of your day. In fact you’ll feel the power you have over events. And you’ll also feel great about what you’re accomplishing on a daily basis.

In addition to feeling great, managing your responsibilities will help you become more successful and personably responsible for achieving all that you’ve set to complete.

Be Well!!

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  1. Bonnie
    Posted November 8, 2011 at 1:19 pm | Permalink

    How refreshing to see a discussion of individual responsibility. Guy, you could have simply stopped with your introductory line… “Personal accountability is an attribute that shows how we honor ourselves…”

    Taking ownership over our success AND our failures is a how we get closer to our true self and real control. All too often we hear things like, “he made me mad” , “she did this to me” etc. Missing from that discussion is the personal control over our own emotions – – which ironically (or by divine design) influence our “actions”. Your blog focuses our emotions in a positive direction which leads to positive actions and self determination. We are the captains of our destiny! Wishing you continued inner peace, insight and the willingness to share with others.