Today is the day!

Today is the day to start whatever it is you’re going to start. Not tomorrow, because tomorrow will never be here. Today is all that you have and when tomorrow comes it will still be today.

So don’t keep putting off whatever it is that you know you need to do.

Maybe it’s time to sign up for that class you’ve been saying for months that you’re going to take, or maybe it’s that workout you are always going to start. Or maybe it’s time to stop cigarette smoking or ask your boss for that promotion.

Maybe it’s time to talk to your loved one about what needs to be changed in your relationship. Or maybe, just maybe it’s time to change your career.

Only you know what you’ve been putting off. All of us, me included, take time to wait until tomorrow to do what we know needs to be done today.

So do yourself this one favor. Complete today’s work today, whatever it is. Tomorrow’s work will take care of itself.

So what do you have to do today?

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