For 2012

I’m not one for writing resolutions. For me resolutions are too easily broken. However, it’s still early enough in the year for me to make some adjustments to my life in my way of thinking. These thoughts are ideas that I intend to incorporate into my life to stay encouraged:

Stop, slow down and pay attention

There is nothing wrong with me

I am made of perfect, pure light

Let the light shine through

Stop hiding

Step into greatness

Let go of fear

Pay more attention

Listen better

Be quiet more often

Spend more time in nature

Less noise, not more

Stop procrastinating

Relax and let go

God knows what I want and need

It will all be provided

It’s not that serious

No need for fear or worry

Let go of anger

Stay calm

Everything is a lesson

Have gratitude for ALL of the lessons

I intend to have the BEST life possible

I’ve discovered that these words or mantras have a positive impact to how my day begins if I place the list where I can see it first thing in the morning and right before I go to bed.

What ideas would you add to YOUR list for yourself in 2012?

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