Inspired Living

« You must face your fears and limiting beliefs head-on to develop your self-belief. » Richard Parkes Cordock

The impact of inspiration in our lives cannot be understated. In fact, it’s probably one of the most important facets of a happy, fulfilled life. If you live an inspired life it has a direct impact to other areas. Everyone around you will see it and feel it.

There was a time when I really believed that there was no use for inspiration in my life. I had an excellent career, made very good money and was constantly working harder and harder to keep it all up.

I was so busy working, that I had forgotten how to live. There was a slow, gradual realization that I wasn’t totally happy but I didn’t want to address it, so I pushed it down and worked to hold on to what I had.

I understand now that my reason for not addressing it was the fear that I would then have to do something. I had no idea what that meant. However, there comes a time when we each have to address those things in life that we’ve tried to dismiss.

I knew I wasn’t inspired. How could I get back to those inspirational days, I asked? And that was the first step, asking “How”.

In fact, once you start asking yourself those important questions, your mind will start delivering answers. And once the answers start arriving, you can then move into the next phase and begin taking action to change.

Change is the hardest part. Fear of the unknown can keep us stilted. But…isn’t tomorrow unknown anyhow?

With all of our fervent planning and expectations, there is a total unknown element about tomorrow.

In fact we can only know right Now. So I challenge you to ask, what makes you feel alive? What makes you happy and excited? How can you use this day to make it the best ever?

And as the answers come, begin to take inspired action today. Because, when tomorrow arrives, this day will be gone forever.



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