The Impression of Increase

In the book “The Science of Getting Rich”, author Wallace D. Wattles speaks about Man (and Woman) being a creative center and because of our God given resourcefulness, increase is given off to all. In fact, the universe is constantly advancing, as is the natural inclination for all living things.

Wattles also says that we should convey an impression of advancement or increase in all that we do so that everyone we come into contact with will have the impression that we are an advancing person.

In social situations and in business we should give off the idea of enhancement so that each person we connect with will be given the thought of increase in dealing with us. They will feel their own advancement through us.

The best way to do this is by letting our faith inspire us and infuse every action we take.

When I read this I was blown away. This idea also correlates with many biblical principles. However, sometimes we have to see something more than once, and in a different way, for it to have an impact.

I realize that using our faith to show that we are constantly advancing and using that faith to help others also feel their advancement, is a powerful approach to move our society forward one person at a time.

Can you imagine a world where everyone is having a positive impact to the improvement of everyone they come in contact with? I’m not talking about just passing out money.

In fact the impression of increase is an idea or feeling that someone is better off after their interaction with you.

Think of the intense force this could have on our nation and the world?

How can we do this?

I believe we each can make an impact as individuals if we do our best on a daily basis to make our world a better place. We’re human so there will be times when we fall short. However this should not stop us from continuing to attempt to
have an impact.

It could be the lady in line at the supermarket that doesn’t have her money out, or the person on the subway whose bag keeps hitting us. It’s quite hard many times to stay calm and positive. In fact, I’ve seen many fights break out due to these types of situations.

We’re only human right? Yes we are. However is it possible for us to convey that feeling of increase to every individual?

What do you think? Is it worth trying?


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