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The Impression of Increase

In the book “The Science of Getting Rich”, author Wallace D. Wattles speaks about Man (and Woman) being a creative center and because of our God given resourcefulness, increase is given off to all. In fact, the universe is constantly advancing, as is the natural inclination for all living things. Wattles also says that we […]

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How Gratitude Impacts Your Life

In the past I would make assumptions about what I should be grateful for as it occurred in my life. There were times when I was unhappy about situations that had happened and other times I was quite pleased by my state of affairs. I judged things as good or awful, and I felt accordingly […]

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Moving Forward

Have you ever felt the need to make an adjustment in your life but there is something holding you back? If so, you’re not alone. Lately I haven’t felt the ambition to do some of the daily tasks that I know I need to do to move forward. I felt I wasn’t seeing the results […]

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Do you remember when you learned how to ride a bike? I must have been 5 years old. We were visiting my grandparents in South Jersey and I was riding a brand new bike with training wheels. My Dad decided to take the training wheels off, but I was too afraid to ride, so Dad […]

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Personal Responsibility

Personal accountability is an attribute that shows how we honor ourselves by taking responsibility to achieve the goals we’ve set and the determination to realize our aspirations. However, personal accountability is not always so simply accomplished. Many times other people’s agendas can get in the way of our own. We may feel obligated to our […]

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Are You Ready For 2012?

It’s amazing how quickly the year has gone. As 2011 comes to an end, now is the time to strategize for 2012. You don’t want to wait for January 1 for New Year’s resolutions. By then it’s too late. The year has already started and your plan is not in place. In fact, I recommend […]

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The Winds of Change

Can you feel it? Sit still for a minute in complete silence. Are you completely still? Now can you feel it? Are you sure? If you can, what you’re probably feeling are the winds of change sweeping across the planet. You’ve probably felt it for some time. You probably just didn’t want to admit it. […]

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Implementing Your Plan

Implementation is the process of moving an idea from concept to reality. Another definition would be to put something into effect or action. In business, engineering and other fields, implementation refers to the building process rather than the design process. Implementation is a key method in achieving any long or short term goals you have […]

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Philosopher Thomas Hobbs said that human desire is the fundamental motivation of all human action. Are you in tune with your desires? What do you want out of life? I’ve found so many of us live life by default. We go to college or not. We get a job and start a career. We may […]

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The dictionary defines roadblock as a temporary installation set up to control or block traffic along a road. As I was reading this the primary word that stood out to me was “temporary”. Many times in our lives when a roadblock stops us from moving ahead we tend to believe it’s a permanent situation. What […]

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